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Having made it through what felt like the longest winter ever, at Pertemps, we’re still awestruck by the determination and sheer grit being shown in English schools. Not only have school staff – and their students – kept up with the pace of change, but they’ve also managed to come back from the commotion left behind by the pandemic.

Who remembers March 8th 2021?

It was the red letter day when most students were allowed back into school. For some of our teachers, the first week back was an welcome opportunity to get back to normal: “We loved having a classroom full of smiling faces on Monday morning and there was a happy buzz around school again,” said one. For another, the anxiety was clear: "It would have been more reassuring to have had the vaccine. We have to hope our children’s families are doing their part to limit the spread."

The great ‘catch up’ has also been a feature of the past few months, and Pertemps support staff have certainly been in the thick of it. One of our learning support assistants commented: “The children have done incredibly well with online learning, but we’ve already proved that it could never replace the quality of teaching in the classroom.”

Of course, coronavirus is still very much a part of everyday life in schools. A secondary school teacher from Essex said: “Concerns are there for anyone in becoming ill or needing to isolate. We’ll do everything we can to give our students the best education and experiences in school that we can.”

Fundamentally, there’s an overwhelming sense of relief that school staff and their students are back where they belong.

One of our secondary school teachers in Manchester is still buzzing to be back in school. “It's nice to see the kids smiling again. It's so important that they’re here, for educational purposes and for their mental health,” said one. “You can definitely feel the excitement around school – it’s about having some normality back,” said another.

Our consultants have been supporting school staff every step of the way. When asked about the return to schools after lockdown 3.0, our Senior Education Consultant at Hourglass, Josh Travis, said: “It took a while for schools to find their feet and adjust to the new learning environment. It was great to be able to play a part in making the transition a little smoother.”  

Senior manager at Hourglass, James, says it’s all about checking in: “As always, we’re on hand to lend a sympathetic ear to our teachers as they make the adjustment to life back in the classroom."

Sarah, senior manager at Pertemps Education, keeps in regular contact with her client schools: “It’s been great to see how organised schools were. I’m really confident that my supply staff are feeling safer in school this term.” We know this crisis isn’t over, but we can guarantee that one thing hasn’t changed: the one-to-one high quality service we provide to all our candidates.

At Pertemps, we’re honoured to work with people who bring such passion and dedication to English classrooms. Our consultant Aimee put it perfectly: “The pandemic has been difficult for everyone, but having my candidates out for work each week and hearing how they’re getting on, I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel”.