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Pertemps Education work with Primary, Secondary and SEN schools across Essex, Suffolk and London. Our schools will come to us with exclusive NQT vacancies that aren’t advertised on the open market. That’s because we know our schools inside and out! We know exactly what kind of teacher they recruit and how to find them. Our work with NQTs is no different. Our dedicated Consultants will work hard to get to know you and learn exactly what kind of school you want to work in.

We all know what our dream role would be. But the difficult thing is to ensure that you’re the stand out candidate. There are a lot of little details that can impact your application, so take a look at our useful tips to keep you one step ahead - Pertemps can help you land the role you want!

Tailor your application for each school
It is often tempting to send out the same cover letter and personal statement to every school, however, it’s essential to tailor your application to the role advertised. It is important you study the job description and the school’s website to ensure you describe how you meet the criteria the school is looking for.

Schools often look to continuously improve from previous years. This could be looking to improve their uptake of extra-curricular activities, or students choosing particular subjects as options. This is why it is essential to tailor an application, because you can use examples of how you can help the school achieve their goals. Pertemps Consultants can help you with writing a dazzling personal statement to make sure you sell yourself. This can be difficult - you don’t want to boast. However, putting across your strengths in an eloquent way will help set you apart from the crowd!

Know why you want this job
You’ll almost certainly be asked why you want this particular job. The interview panel will hear a lot of similar responses but you can always do more to stand out. It could be a language exchange programme or working with children with special educational needs that may be of interest to you.

Researching more about the school and talking about how you would like the role based on their specific educational programmes can show the interviewer how eager and determined you are. Highlighting why you would be dedicated to this particular school, and drawing on your own experiences and career goals will certainly make you memorable.

Your teaching interview
You should be prepared to have an all-day interview in the school. A typical structure will be a tour of the school, meeting the SLT team and the departmental staff, an observed lesson, and a formal interview.

Make sure you bring a copy of your application form and personal statement, two copies of your lesson plan and any resources you may need for the lesson. You should also take along your NQT portfolio and include your lesson observations.

Why do you need two copies of your lesson plan? Hand one to the staff observing your lesson before you begin teaching. This allows them to see you have fully prepared for the session, and if you do not get time to finish a particular task or activity, the observer will be aware that you had it planned.

Social Skills
It’s not only your application that is taken in consideration. Some schools may check your online social presence, so make sure there is not anything you would not want them to see. It’s fine to have a personal life, but try to keep it that way. We recommend your personal Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles are all private.

Pertemps Education Network are constantly on the lookout for NQTs to place them in teaching positions in Essex, Suffolk and London. Not only do we provide ongoing support and guidance in the early stages of your teaching career, but our candidates can benefit from the partnerships we have developed, providing you with discounts on goods and education based apps.

If you would like to find out more about the exclusive NQT roles we are currently recruiting for, why not contact a trustworthy consultant from our education team in Chelmsford on 01245 208 750 or via email on chelmsford@pertempseducation.co.uk.