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At Pertemps Education, we work with primary, secondary and SEN schools across Essex, Suffolk and London. Our schools come to us with exclusive NQT vacancies that aren’t advertised on the open market. That’s because our consultants know our schools inside and out!

You need to know which schools will support you in your first terms, and what kind of qualities they’re looking for. Our team will work hard to get to know you and learn exactly what kind of school you want to work in.

We all know what our dream role would be. But it can be difficult to ensure that you’re the stand-out candidate. There are a lot of little details that can impact your application. These useful tips will keep you one step ahead:

Tailor your application for each school

It’s often tempting to send out the same cover letter and personal statement to every school, however, it’s essential to tailor your application to the role advertised. It is important you study the job description and the school’s website to ensure you describe how you meet the criteria the school is looking for.

We know that schools want to keep improving. They may focus on increasing their range of extra-curricular activities or encouraging students to choose particular academic routes. It’s essential to tailor your application, to show clearly how can help the school achieve these goals.

Personal statements are often daunting – especially at the start of your career. It’s important to sell yourself, and this doesn’t come easily to everyone. You’ll want to stand out from the crowd without putting recruiters off. Fortunately, Pertemps consultants can help you to write a dazzling personal statement which will point out the positives, but ensure you don’t go too far!

For more information on tailored applications: Focus on your CV – it has a job to do

Check your online persona

Remember that schools want to get to know as much about you as they can and many of them now look beyond your formal application. Take the time to review your online presence and check your security and visibility settings. It’s about the impression you make online – it’s fine to have a personal life, but sometimes it’s better to keep it that way.

Know why you want this job

You’ll almost certainly be asked why you want this particular job. The interview panel will hear a lot of similar responses but you can always do more make your response memorable and meaningful. As you prepare for the interview, make sure you make a note of the language exchange programme or the opportunity to work with children with special educational needs that are of particular interest to you.

School research and talking about how you would like the role based on their specific educational programmes and policies can show the interviewer how eager and determined you are. Highlighting why you would be dedicated to this particular school, and relating that to your own experiences and career goals will certainly make a good impression.

There’s more on being interview-ready here: Interview prep for NQTs


Your teaching interview

While schools are closed, they are operating in unchartered territory. Before the coronavirus outbreak, we would be recommending that you prepare for an all-day interview in the school. Typically, you would be shown round the school, introduced to the SLT team and departmental staff, teach an observed lesson, and a face a formal interview panel.

At the moment, SLTs are making plans for the new school year whilst observing social distancing measures. Many of them have adapted their recruitment processes to keep things moving and ensure they have a full and vibrant staffroom in September.

You may be asked to ‘meet’ your potential employer on a video call. Treat this like a formal interview – you will still need to prepare to give yourself the best chance to feel confident and to make sure you come across as yourself.

Before you start:

  • Make sure the technology works! Test it with one of your friends, so you know how to make the video chat go smoothly. Try making and accepting the call so you’re comfortable either way – and remember that your interviewers may not be used to video either.
  • Plan where you’ll be when it’s time for your interview. Choose a quiet spot where you’re unlikely to be interrupted. A straightforward, bland background will help your interviewer focus on you, rather than something over your shoulder.

For more information on socially distanced job searching, take a look at: Job hunting at a distance – make it work for you

If you're an NQT looking for a role in Essex, Suffolk or London, we’d love to hear from you. We provide careers advice and ongoing support whatever stage you’re at.


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