Perfect your CV

When you're putting your CV together, don’t bother with pictures and fancy graphics. You should go for clarity – a straightforward layout which makes it easy to find essential information. Recruiters look for for organised and professional candidates, and your CV is a good way of getting that across.

Click here for our sample CV - with formatting and content tips. 

Section headings such as Work ExperienceEducation, etc. should be consistent and set out logically.

You shouldn’t need more than two sides of A4, and if you have recently graduated, you might manage with just one.  Space may be at a premium, so take care to prioritise your information and choose your vocabulary carefully. Make sure every paragraph makes a specific point and start sentences with words which set the scene. 

Positive openers could include assertive, confident, detail-conscious, flexible, hard-working, innovative, precise, pro-active, and responsible.

Beware of overselling - anyone can claim to be a ‘goal driven multi tasker with excellent communication skills’.  Try to avoid clichés and back up your claims with interesting and engaging examples. Always tell the truth. After all, if your CV has done its job, you’ll likely be talking about all this at interview. You can’t beat honesty and genuine enthusiasm as an interview technique.

When you have drafted your CV, check your spelling, grammar and layout. Then check it again!

Sample CV with notes



Sample CV without notes

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