Candidate Support Hub

Candidate Support Hub

Our support hub is here to help guide you through your teaching journey and cover any questions that you may have.

Empowering Futures: A day in the life of a SEND teaching assistant

Working as a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) teaching assistant is a rewarding and dynamic role that demands patience, creativity, and dedication. Every day brings new challenges and triumphs as SEND TAs work to support students with diverse needs, ensuring they receive the education and care they deserve.

Beyond fish and chips: If you’re new to the UK, our FAQs are just what you need!

For many people, the UK is the first port of call for international adventures. Because English is so extensively used in international business and entertainment, the total number of English speakers, including those who speak it as a second or foreign language, is estimated to be around 1.5 billion.

Finding your ‘best fit’ as an Early Career Teacher

Identifying the right starting point for your teaching career will set you up for the future, but beware, a misstep will make those first stages much tougher.

How to Handle Stress as a Teacher

When discussing jobs where stress is an issue, you don’t get too far before teaching is mentioned. Needing to please students, parents, colleagues and leadership at every turn, it can feel like you are spinning plates, just waiting for them all to fall.

Top tips for cover supervisor success!

Being a successful cover supervisor requires a combination of organisation skills, clear communication, and flexibility.

What do teaching assistants do?

Teaching assistants (TAs) are there to support any learning happening in the classroom. Most of the time, a TA will be active in their support for pupils during lesson time, but they will also be asked to undertake additional duties such as preparing a classroom – and therefore free up a teacher’s time. Teaching assistants may be also be employed to work with children with special educational needs (SEN) or with those with other specific needs.

Is yours an inclusive classroom?

Despite teachers’ dedication and professionalism, many children and young people with SEND continue to struggle with inconsistent levels of support and a lack of joined-up provision.. How can anyone really make a difference?

Early career teacher? Get ahead and take control!

On the plus side, you’ll be able to develop your own teaching style without the pressure of constant observation and assessment and very soon you’ll be memorising the names of your very own students. 

Are schools letting down children with SEND?

It was back in 2016 when Amanda Spielman was appointed as Sir Michael Wilshaw’s successor as Ofsted’s Chief Inspector.

Making London your own

The UK is celebrated for its rich history, and London, as its iconic capital, offers a treasure trove of historical wonders. Whether you’re tracing ancient street names in the City or exploring famous film locations in the West End, there’s always something fascinating to do and discover.