Keira Stone

Keira Stone

Senior Compliance Officer

01245 208 750


Keira takes her role at Pertemps Education very seriously – and quite right too. She’s responsible for making sure each candidate is fully compliant and clear to work in school. Her strict process includes checking CV details, references and DBS checks.

To say that Keira is detail orientated would be an understatement.

Keira particularly likes working at PEN because the small team is able to react quickly and with agility. Equally important, everyone gets on – they work hard, but are fun and enthusiastic as well. There’s a nice balance, Keira says, between knowing that there will be times when everyone needs to “get their head down and get on with it”, and other times when it’s ok to enjoy life in the office too.

Typically as a PEN team member, sport features in Keira’s life. She is a keen swimmer and in a previous life, qualified as a lifeguard!